Acupuncture is one of the tools of a new emerging model of healthcare known as Integrative Health. Integrative Health seeks to incorporate traditional and emerging models of medicine that emphasize the restoration and preservation of the dynamic natural balance between the various aspects of human consciousness— spirit, mind, and body. In general, Integrative Health views acupuncture as a safe and effective approach that has been shown to be clinically effective and therapeutically useful for certain biomedically defined conditions, namely pain.

However unlike Western Medical Acupuncture, integrative acupuncture enables the traditional knowledge and application of acupuncture to be incorporated to compliment emerging concepts in modern medicine that are now targeting the field of physical-mental-spiritual healing. In this model, the traditional explanation of acupuncture in balancing the flow of Qi is preserved and included as part of a mixed approach that allows higher levels of human consciousness, including the patient's belief in treatment, to be accepted as places from where imbalances can originate and be healed.

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