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TRANSLATION:Contains Tears
TYPE:Meeting point of the Stomach meridian with the Ren vessel and the Yang Qiao vessel
LOCATION:With eye looking straight forward, the point is directly below pupil between eyeballs and infraorbital ridge
NEEDLE INSERTION:Ask patient to close eyes & look up. Use finger to push the eyeball up & insert the needle first slightly inferior, then 90° between the eyeball & the inferior wall of the orbit., *Contraindicated to moxa, * the needle should be inserted slowly w/o lifting, thrusting or rotating., * Immediately on withdrawal, press firmly to avoid haematoma., * This needling method should not be attempted by those who have not had the appropriate clinical supervision.
NEEDLE DEPTH:0.5-1.0 cun
TCM ACTION:Benefits the eyes and stops lacrimation, Eliminates Wind and clars Heat
INDICATIONS:Eye redness, swelling and pain, excessive lacrimation, night blindness, superficial visual obstruction, dimness of vision, short sightedness, visual dizziness, itching of the eyes, twitching of the eyelid, night blindness, facial spasm deviation of the mouth and eye *Conjunctivits, myopia, astigmatism
CAUTIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS:i. The needle should be inserted slowly without lifting, thrusting or rotating, ii. Immediately on withdrawal of the needle, press firmly with a cotton ball to reduce hematoma, iii. Should not be needled by those who have not had appropriate clinical supervision. Contraindicated to moxibustion (classical)
POINT COMBINATIONS:ST 1 + UB 1 + GB 20 + LI 4 + ST 36 + UB 18 + UB 23 for optic nerve atrophy
NOTES & COMMENTS:One of two points used for treating eye disorders, this point's action emphasizes lower portion of eye.