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TYPE:Ghost Point
LOCATION:One fingerbreadth anterior and superior to angle of mandible where masseter muscle attaches at prominence of muscle when teeth are clenched
NEEDLE INSERTION:a. 90° insertion, b. 5° insertion, c. 5° insertion
NEEDLE DEPTH:a. 0.5 cun, b. Join with ST 4, ST 5, ST 7, etc., c. Towards the upper or lower jaw (toothache)
TCM ACTION:Eliminates Wind, activates the channel and alleviates pain, benefits the jaw and teeth
INDICATIONS:Facial paralysis, toothache of lower or upper jaw, swelling of the cheek and face, lockjaw, deviation of the mouth and eye, inability to chew, inability to open the mouth after Wind-stroke, pain and stiffness of the neck, sore throat
WESTERN USES:Mumps, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome
POINT COMBINATIONS:LI 4 + ST 6 + ST 44 for toothache of upper jaw, LI 4 + ST 6 for toothache of lower jaw, ST 6 + TB 17 + LI 4 for acute parotitis
NOTES & COMMENTS:Use for any pathogen that rides on Wind. Alternate name is 'Ghost Bed'.