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LOCATION:3 cun inferior to the umbilicus and 2 cun lateral to the midline, level with CV 4
NEEDLE INSERTION:90° insertion
NEEDLE DEPTH:1.0-1.5 cun
TCM ACTION:Regulates the Lower Jiao, dispels stagnation, benefits the Urinary Bladder and uterus
INDICATIONS:Painful urinary dysfunction, retention of urine and feces, edema, cold in the Urinary Bladder, distention and fullness of the lower abdomen, Shan disorder, hypogastric pain in women extending to the genitals, dysmenorrhea, infertility, cold in the uterus, retention of dead fetus, retention of the placenta, lumbar pain accompanying menstruation, acute nephritis and cystitis, all urinary afflictions, orchitis, leucorrhoea, urinary retention, ascites, rectal prolapse, Damp-Heat and stasis in Lower Jiao, warms uterus, expels kidney and bladder stones
CAUTIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS:If patient is thin, deep needling may puncture peritoneal cavity or a full bladder. Patient should be asked to emptry the bladder before treatment. Contraindicated in pregnancy.
POINT COMBINATIONS:SP 6 + SP 9 + ST 28 for all urinary problems, ST 28 + UB 23 + UB 28 + SP 6 for nephritis