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TRANSLATION:Inner Courtyard
TYPE:Ying-spring, Water, Heavenly Star
LOCATION:On the dorsum of the foot, between the second and third metatarsal toes, .5 cun proximal to the margin of the web
NEEDLE INSERTION:a) 90° insertion, b) 45° insertion directed proximally
NEEDLE DEPTH:a) 0.5 cun, b) 0.5-1.0 cun
TCM ACTION:Clears Heat from the Stomach channel and alleviates pain, harmonizes the intestines and clears Damp-Heat, Calms the Spirit
INDICATIONS:Toothache, fever, pain of the eye, pain of the face, deviation of the mouth and eye, nosebleed, throat painful obstruction, abdominal and epigastric pain, abdominal distention, diarrhea, dysenteric disorder, blood in the stool, constipation, febrile diseases with lack of sweating, malarial disorders, aversion to cold, hands and feet counterflow cold, aversion to the sound of people talking, desire for silence, frequent yawning, pain and swelling of the dorsum of the foot, enteritis, constipation, morning sickness, urticaria, stomachache, frontal headache, epistaxis, tonsillitis, lockjaw, skin rash with pustules and fever, throat and mouth numb
POINT COMBINATIONS:LI 4 + LI 20 + ST 43 + ST 44 for sinusitis, ST 44 + GV 23 for eyeball pain